Locator Tool

Turn with an electric drill.  Valve relief locator for

piston clearances (angle and center).


This tool finds valve to piston angle and center location for valve reliefs on pistons. By inserting the tool where the valve sits in the seat and putting the cylinder head on the block with the piston up, you turn this tool to create a flat and dimple on the piston top. This is then dial indicated in the vise on the mill to give a precision location.


With angle milling, twist location valves, and more, you can be where you want to be fast, easy & assured!


We have drive pilots to fit your valve guides that interchange in the cutter.


Locator Cutter: $89.00

Guide Rods: $42.50 each:

Guide Rod Sizes: 7 mm, 8 mm, 5/16", 11/32"  &  3/8"





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Waukegan, IL  60085

T: (847) 336-3755

Email: lrc_red@yahoo.com

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